It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.

- Native American proverb


My career has been about one thing:  Telling stories.  As a passionate advocate for communication that is anchored by both words and visuals, I’ve done assignments for editorial publications and corporations around the world.  My photo-journalism has complimented the words of some very talented journalists…when I’ve not been doing both myself.  But, I’ve always seemed to have the gut feeling that the heart of any message is told most compellingly via dynamic moving and still images.  Fast forward to the 21st Century.  Now all this work — “content”  as it has become broadly known —has transformed into a sort of natural progression of multimedia storytelling, both on the Internet and mobile devices.

Yes, the delivery method may be changing, but at the core, a story is still a story and it’s what binds us all.

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